KSR Brothers specializes in the design and installation of water features in both indoor and outdoor settings. One of our most impressive offerings is our schematic design of the water features. Our team determines the area, the physical requirements, and also creates a reasonable budget for the fountain. After the customer finalizes the design, we offer them a comprehensive collection of design support drawings and a written fountain specification. The drawings include information on the mechanical and electrical systems as well as any other relevant architectural information.

We provide high-quality renderings so that the customer can view the possibilities of the project. This will give a visual representation of how the water feature will appear in terms of both aesthetics and operational performance. We use specialized software that analyses the functionality of the equipment and provides you with information on how the equipment will actually function after the installation. This ensures that the outcome is identical to what was expected.

We reduce the amount of time that is required for on-site programming by creating DMX code that immediately connects with the animation. With the help of specialized software, we offer show programming to create everything from water features to lights, music, etc. This will cut down on expenses and the delays associated with on-site programming.

Our in house design team uses the most advanced technology in water body designs to bring to life our client’s imagination. We collaborate with various known architects to build waterscapes infused in architectural landscapes.

Fountains Design
  • On-site trained technicians and engineers from OASE Germany
  • On-site electrical and plumbing experts
  • Most advanced equipment
  • Decades of civil engineering experience

Installation is the most important part of what we do. Our technicians have been trained by KSR and OASE Germany to handle the equipment with utmost care and responsibility. We ensure timely installations with the highest standard of quality control.

Swimming Pools Installation
  • Support team trained by KSR & OASE
  • Full support/ maintenance provided after installation
  • Installed equipment available with inbuilt guarantee

Our support team is available in person and online even after completing the project. Though we use state of the art technology in all our products with a long last guarantee which requires minimum to no maintenance, we also ensure the maintenance of our projects and the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Swimming Pools Maintenance